Vimbu is a new concept that bypasses ski schools and connects the instructor directly with the learner.

We are changing the system of ski schools, offering a revolutionary working situation for instructors.

With no fixed location costs at each resort, we can both reduce the price of lessons and increase the instructors's pay, drastically.

Everything a ski school offers plus:

  • You choose your schedule.
  • You choose when you get paid.
  • You earn 20% more than at a ski school.
  • For every instructor you bring to Vimbu, you get an additional 180€.
  • You can travel to different resorts and continue teaching.
  • We pay for your ski pass.
  • Weekly gear + trip giveaways.
  • The amount of hours you teach a season no longer depends on your relationship/years working with the ski school.
  • You choose the type of lesson you want to give: General, Private, Freestyle, etc.

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